Data Warehousing

Kalaa TECH delivers development services that leverage a deep knowledge and extensive experience of the most capable tools for architecting Data Warehouse and then extracting, transforming and loading data...

Custom Application

Kalaa TECH builds custom applications for which there are no out-of-the-box solutions. Whatever your requirements are and no matter how complex it is, our entirely in-house and extremely experienced Dev team will build...
KalaaTech helped us finding holes in our decentralized multiple financial systems by creating Enterprise DW and consolidating data from all multiple financial systems. Then, they created BI reports from DW which provided huge corporate saving.
Sam Smithson, Financial Company Director, NYC
We are going to launch innovative financial service product in the first week of Sep-2012
We added four clients into our portfolio in the second quarter of 2012.
Recently, we opened two off-shore Development centers in India.
Our Clients
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